Sleep (Lavender & Cotton) Room Spray

Sleep (Lavender & Cotton) Room Spray

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My aromatherapy collection is a collection to help you through your day. Whether that be a calm awakening, an energising morning, a productive afternoon or a cosy evening in. Eventually, my plan is to have a scent to fit every version of you that you would like to be throughout your day. 

Sleep is a 100% essential oil blend of lavender and other florals combined to capture the essence of cotton. Lavender has been proven to be an anxiolytic (anxiety reliever), helping your brain to relax, allowing a more peaceful sleep. While the smell of fresh cotton sheets adds comfort and familiarity, making this combination a dream when you need to switch off.

100ml of soy base mixed with essential oils, carefully poured into an amber glass bottle, complete with brushed aluminium lid, ready to be reused once empty. Includes one reusable atomiser spray top.

Already have an atomiser spray from your last room spray? Simply add a note at checkout and I won’t include one in your order to avoid waste!

- Hand Poured
- Non-Toxic Soy Base
- Reusable Atomiser Spray Top
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- 100ml

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