Mango & Neroli Single Wick Candle

Mango & Neroli Single Wick Candle

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Mango & Neroli is by far the fruitiest of the bunch! This one was actually a happy accident in the scent testing process and I couldn't be more pleased about it! Mango is definitely the dominant scent, but it's softened by the calm touch of neroli, making it a much more gentle fruity aroma. I would honestly have this in any room of the house (and trust me I do!) so my advice would be to just put it everywhere!

150g of pure soy wax and scent, carefully poured into a 180ml amber glass jar, complete with sturdy black lid, ready to be reused once empty. 

- Hand Poured
- 20-30 Hour Burn Time (approx)
- Pure Soy Wax
- Natural Cotton and Paper Wick
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- 150g

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