Cedarwood & Vanilla Single Wick Candle

Cedarwood & Vanilla Single Wick Candle

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Warming and cosy, Cedarwood & Vanilla is a subtle scent that will create a comforting atmosphere in any room. With a base of cedarwood that is enhanced by vanilla, cocoa bean and other woods, this scent is beautifully balanced to allow each ingredient to shine.

150g of pure soy wax mixed with a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils, carefully poured into a 180ml amber glass jar, complete with brushed aluminium lid, ready to be reused once empty.

- Hand Poured
- 30-35 Hour Burn Time (approx)
- Pure Soy Wax
- Natural Cotton and Paper Wick
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- 150g

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