Energise (Orange & Grapefruit) Single Wick Candle

Energise (Orange & Grapefruit) Single Wick Candle

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My aromatherapy collection is a collection to help you through your day. Whether that be a calm awakening, an energising morning, a productive afternoon or a cosy evening in. Eventually, my plan is to have a scent to fit every version of you that you would like to be throughout your day. 

Energise is a 100% essential oil blend of orange and grapefruit. Orange essential oil has been proven to ease stress and anxiety, while grapefruit enhances your mood and increases energy levels. Combined, these two not only smell amazing, but they work together as the perfect team to give you that boost you need.

150g of pure soy wax mixed with essential oils, carefully poured into a 180ml amber glass jar, complete with brushed aluminium lid, ready to be reused once empty.

- Hand Poured
- 30-35 Hour Burn Time (approx)
- Pure Soy Wax
- Natural Cotton and Paper Wick
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- 150g

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