So not too long ago, I put out a blog post titled 'NOW WE'RE EVEN MORE ECO FRIENDLY' and I'm so happy to say that honestly we have outdone ourselves with this release!

Single use plastics have been long gone from my household, so I thought it was only right to try and eliminate all non-reusable plastic from our products too. 

When it comes to candles, we have made the switch over to amber glass jars, not only are these more sturdy and durable, they're far more versatile for reuse. Unlike our previous jars, these lids are now airtight screw tops, which means there are so many more ways to reuse them!  Check out my blog post '5 New Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jars!' if you want some inspiration for this!

With our new diffuser design, we have ditched the complicated plastic pouch refill concept and have gone as simple as possible. Now your diffuser is fully reusable / recyclable, coming in an amber glass bottle with an aluminium screw top cap, simply pop your reeds out of their little brown envelope and pop them into the bottle. No separate refill pouches or reusable plastic packaging, these babies are sleek, simple and better for the environment.

We didn't forget about room sprays! Previously our room spray bottles, although recyclable, were not reusable as the spray could not be unscrewed. Well, not this time! Once you have used up your room spray, simply unscrew your atomiser spray and pop it onto your new room spray (you also now have the option to purchase your room spray without an atomiser spray to avoid waste!) Or get creative and use your spray bottle to make your own cleaning products such as window cleaner!

I hope you guys enjoy our new revamped products, I'd love to see how you get creative reusing your jars and bottles, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @daniledoofficial, or pop me an email as I love reading those too!

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