5 Ways To Reuse Your Diffuser Packaging

Bought one of our diffusers and aren't sure what to do with the transparent pouch that it comes in? Don't throw it away! Here are just a few ideas of what you can use it for instead.

1. Love a good sandwich bag but don't want to be throwing away all that plastic? Our transparent pouch is thick enough that it won't break after just one use, just give it a quick wash with ordinary washing-up liquid after use and leave it to dry ready to be used all over again!

2. Out and about but don't want to let blush and highlight dust sprinkle all over the inside of your nicest makeup bag? Pop all of your makeup bits inside the transparent pouch, roll down the top and pop it all into your makeup bag. Gorgeous on the outside and protected from foundation spillages on the inside!

3. Have little ones to entertain on the go? You don't want colouring pens rolling around in the bottom of your bag, pop them all in the sealable transparent pouch and allow your lovely bag to be safe from any pesky ink leakages!

4. Off on your travels? Keep all of your important documents in one place, the transparent pouch is the perfect size for passports and boarding cards! Plus, bonus benefit, as it is completely see-through you'll be able to see exactly what you have in there!

5. On your way to a festival? We all know what the British weather is like, make sure your valuables stay nice and dry by keeping them sealed in the transparent pouch!

Once you have used up your first diffuser, be sure to save even more waste from being produced and purchase one of our refill pouches! Just be sure to purchase the same scent that was in the original bottle to avoid mixing. There is also free shipping on refill pouches so not only is it saving packaging, it's also saving your pennies!

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