5 New Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jars!

You all loved my previous candle jar reuse post so much, that I thought I'd make another one, especially now that our new candle jars are screw top and airtight, making them even more reuse friendly!

Just as I mentioned last time, the first thing you'll have to do is remove all remaining wax from the candle jar. We find the easiest and most effective way to do this is by freezing it, simply place your candle jar in the freezer for several hours. Once frozen, the wax should pop right out of your candle jar (use a butter knife or spoon if it needs a little help out), then just give the inside a wipe with a damp cloth. If you're planning on putting food in them just make extra sure that all of the wax has been removed.

1. As soon as I hear 'airtight' the first thing I think of is food. Our new jars will make perfect food containers, you know like the ones you see on Pinterest in beautifully organised cupboards? So whether it's rice, raisins or chocolate chips, any of your cupboard essentials will go perfectly in these - especially if you do your food shop package-free.

2. Speaking of package free, these make perfect loose leaf tea jars! Most people don't know that tea bags actually contain plastic, so switching over to loose leaf is better for you and better for the environment.

3. A recent trend that I think we have all jumped on the bandwagon for is hair scrunches! These however, are far bigger than the standard hairband and so containing them is often an issue (at least in my house anyway!) So why not use your double wick candle jar as a scrunch container? You'll never misplace one again and it'll look cute on your dressing table!

4. Do you have pens scattered all over your desk? Add some organisation to your life and simply use your jar as a pen pot, this one is so simple but will make a big difference to your space.

5. Now this one is something near and dear to my heart, house plants. I am a massive house plant lover so this one is something I am so excited to try. Fill your jar with soil, pop a little seedling in there and watch it grow!

I'd love to see the creative ways you have reused your candle jars, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @daniledoofficial or send me an email as I love reading those too!

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  • This is the only candle I have used that actually burns all the wax. All I had left was the metal pin and a tiny film of wax.

    Lynda Sullivan

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